If you want to rip a PB 200m time - this is NOT for you.

If you are aiming to crack 1.10 for the kilo - this is NOT for you

If you want to talk shit, eye up bikes, eat and drink in the sun with some scalliwags - join the party.

I would like to see someone go sub 1.10 on that track :slight_smile:


thats what brunswick is like to ride too.

One week to go!

Watch me get flogged in the roller derby the following day, or check out the MDMA Time Trial on Lorimar st and skid comp.

another bump.

Check out the front page for more.

Great weekend ahead with crazy antics organised (or maybe not organised at all) by MDMA, Melburn Massive and Trackcunt.

how come there is no Fixed.org team for the Prequel?

I dunno. But you’re welcome to form a team :slight_smile:

No team because: Pete would be too late, Nick would ride too fast, Des is injured and can’t ride drops, Nath’s grin is too large and could lead to allegations of ‘doping’, and I’ll either be too hungover or not-quite enough.

We could get the tattoos anyway though.

Kookie is kicking in great prizes, as are Shifter who are providing 16" bikes for the mini-madison.

Come on down, get fed, talk shit, have fun.