[melb] melburn - ?

Anyone up for a ride of Great Length this weekend? Maybe to Williamstown, Point Cook, Little River, Geelong?

nb; Great Length != great length.

computational logic!

there’s no place like

  • Joel


depends what day, what time your leaving.


i think you meant would be … the ether. which is probably a place to go. but home? im not so sure.



That’s where you end up after drinking absinthe.

i am keen to rdie with someone! i have a couple of options for sundsay… saturday is out.

option 1:
donabuang (dunno how to spell it, apparently its out past warbuton, lotsa climbing, 210km round trip)… this is with a pretty strong mate who is riding gears… i was thinkin of riding gears too but if someone else will go fixed with me, it would be freakin epic

option 2:
whatever else… 150km + would be good. somewhere besides beachroad would be even better.

I could be in for a long ride come Sunday. I’d be riding fixed and without a brake, so avoiding Donnabuang would be good.

But it all depends what happens on Saturday night.

Any set time+place to start from?

Sunday looks good. Somewhere in the city. I picked the Westen Bayside cause… its not Beach Rd :slight_smile:

Donna Bongon might be a bit much, esp if its wet and brakeless :twisted:

100k would be a nice figure.


You’re right of course, it’s been a long time since year 12 Networking class.

  • Joel

unreal! i’m keen for a 9am start at cnr william and collins st. and i like the idea of heading west, guessing there arent so many bergs out there so we can get more brakeless and long-geared people along. i’ve never realy ridden out there so i’ll leave the route up to someone else… bu is this start time and place ok?

Sounds fine, im just trying to find a tube :smiley:

It’s a date then! See you ‘all’ outside 7-11, 440 coll :smiley:


I went out towards King Lake on Saturday with a mate on his geared bike.
Funny thing was, I beat him up the hills, he beat me down.

Good day out though!