[MELB] NO SLEEP 'TIL BRUNSWICK alleycat - Sat 16th

Next week! Meet at Brunswick veledrome for 5pm start. $5 entry or somewhere similar, all money either goes to winner / bar at the end / to the guy who got smashed by the cement truck last week to buy a new crank set or something. Ends up at the East Brunswick Club at about the time the Agents of Abhorrence / Embers show at Catfood Press kicks off. Come have some fun hey. Brakes / no brakes / fixed / freewheel all welcome!

i’m not expecting a huge turn-out, but it’ll be fun! are there 10 dollar parmas at the east on saturdays? i really hope so…

sounds great, although i think i will be out of town unfortunately

ok, i’m a dickbag. it’s saturday, not friday.

Do you need checkpoint monkeys? raises hand

$10 parma till 3 or 4 on sat! :smiley:
ride sounds good, cos of my wrecked knee i’ll do a check point too.

Checkpoint people are needed! Thanks guys!

hi g-rizzle!

When you’ve got a rooooot picked out and you know how many folk you need … PM me yo~

Would’ve liked this to come out a lil’ better, but only had access to MS Paint at uni, should’ve brought the Mac in.


it would be better if you were actually riding to brooklyn, melbourne.
it seems like a waste of a good name otherwise

damn, I dont get off work until 5 and I’m an hour away!

might ride out for a beer after.

If you’re going Gothic with the font and rock dots - why not call a spade eine scheisse schaufel … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braunschweig

“Nicht schlafen bis Braunschweig!”

heh they have a pretty dope town crest also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Wappen_Braunschweig.svg

anyway … hope it all helps.

hi beej! :roll:

so we r raising money for the guy that binned it into a cement truck and made it almost impossible to ride/work on a brakeless fixie in melb cbd atm?
(maybe u can pay my fines with the money)
kgo… flameage wanted
p.s. i dont know exactly what happened and am just making wild assumptions

So ahhh, just for the record this alleycat is for no reason other than a bit of fun. If people want the winner to take the money then they can, if people want to buy jugs at the East with it they can, if people wanna give it to “the guy that binned it into a cement truck and made it almost impossible to ride/work on a brakeless fixie in melb cbd atm” then they can. If people wanna give Lane the money so he can pay the fines he’s getting then feel free. THIS IS NOT A BENEFIT ALLEYCAT.

my understanding was that he was stationary or just starting to move, and the truck just veered into/over him. nothing to do with brakes, more to do with blindspots.


Off topic, though I have noticed bike/car cops slamming dudes for being brakeless a lot more, getting stung a 100 bucks or so whenever cvntstable whatever sees your biked parked at a building because he thinks your endangering him, everyone else, yourself, small mammals, whatever is not for the win :frowning: Would be nice to hear from the dude to find out what ACTUALLY happened and why he couldn’t get out of the way.

Sadly I can’t smash out the race, will be out of town, have fun and go hard though…


Cmon Corey, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.