Melb pubs showing le Tour?

Anyone know of any pubs/bars in the inner burbs of Melbs showing the Tour, in particular the TT on Saturday night? Ideally like to avoid the fight-fest of the CBD and Southgate if possible

Any ideas welcomed


edit apologies if this has been covered already in another post

which post?

Come to the Brunswick Clubrooms at Harrison Street Brunswick on Saturday night.

There will be a screening there from a projector. Details as follows:

Bring a rug and a bean bag to the clubrooms on Saturday the 26th July to watch the penultimate stage of the tour on the big screen! Pizza, drinks, and entertainment will be provided on the night - along with a time trial sweepstakes.

  • Where: Harrison St. Clubrooms
  • When: Saturday 26th July 9pm - late
  • Cost: $15 per person

All club members and friends are welcome to attend. Please RSVP Nathan by Monday 21st July at <> or on 0404 622 272.

Make sure you let me know you’re coming… Or there won’t be enough food :slight_smile:

I’ll be there

Avec ou sans votre chemise?

Avec mon slip, oui !

le babelfish obtient un work-over aujourd’hui!

Obtenez un chien vers le haut de ya, chattes

L’excellent travail Craig !

Ah non! Je n’ai pas eu besoin babelfish.

uuuuhhh… Non?


Splish Splash?

ce fromage goûte comme une grenouille beuatiful