Melb ride sat 14/1

Once again our weekly sat morning ride will start at 7.30am at the corner of Elgin and Swanston St. That’s behind Melb Uni at the bus shelter.

So far there’s four confirmed riders.

Come join the parade of black fixies.


Who is the fourth?

Or maybe I’ll be smote down with something and never find out (again)… :wink:

hey, mines chrome!

wait a second, i’ll just be reflecting your black.


see you in the morning.


Thanks to all who showed up yesterday for the ride.

A grand total of 7 fixies and 1 singlespeed.

Biggest fixed group I’ve ever ridden in.


and here’s a clip of Primz doing an impressive (by my standards anyway) skid.

Yeah, mad skid. :slight_smile:

There’s another ride rolling from blackrock at 7. Pretty quick to frankston and back.

as in the ‘hell ride’ or as in another group of fixed gearheads/singlespeeds?


Is the Saturday ride on this week…if so, I will fly back from NZ…thats some serious dedication.

well, for that kind of dedication, i’d say it most HAS to be on :slight_smile:

Nick & Des do it every week, so there is no reason why it wouldnt be - I’ll be there anyway…


Yup, 7.30am this sat at the usual corner.