[MELB] Sat 16th Dec: Warburton Trail

This coming Saturday we are going to do the Warburton rail trail ride in place of our “Every Saturday” cafe ride. We will catch the train to Lilydale, ride the trail, luncheon at Cog cafe and then train home.

Meeting at the normal place/time: Cnr. Elgin & Swanston St. 7:30am, everyone welcome!

Holy crap!!!
There is now something interesting at Lilydale???

Lived there for about 4 years and went to school at Mt Lilydale College.
Most interesting it got was being chased from Blue Light disco’s by skinheads!!!

I’d love to do this ride, but I can’t ride this weekend.

I’m on call for work again, dammit!

Bring your spare tubes for this one! I rode some of this a few years ago with one of my cousins, will be interesting doing it fixed.

OK - scratch “instead of” and replace it with “in addition to”. If you want to pop along to Warburton - just rock up at the normal place/time, or at Flinders St for the 7:50am Lilydale train. PM or email nathan at undershorts dot org or phone 0404 622 272

etc etc

OK by order of NDF, this ride is hereby postponed until next week.

Weekly ride is still on tomorrow at 7:30, Corner Swanston St and Elgin St Carlton.

yes 2^11 apologies for stuffing this one up - this week (dec 16th) just didn’t work out for enough people so we’ll try it next week. See you all later this morning for the regular :slight_smile:

Well that was a nice ride and all…

… in my car :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to meet some of you folks… hopefully ride with you guys next week…

OK, this week it’s on for sure. Saturday, 7:50am flinders st station, say… the last carriage of the train to Lilydale. Ride as above. PM email or sms for more info.

If it’s raining, I’ll be wearing bright yellow. If it’s snowing, I’ll be daydreaming

F@(34#*ING brilliant! Warburton trail is fantastic, and the Cog cafe kicks ass over even some of Melbourne’s finest!!

4 riders, Des, Max(itaxi), Cressida and me, we even squeezed in a short bit of the Boule’ at the end. Thanks for a great ride - hope we can do it again soon!

[Max had some special time with the Cog Cafe tree]

[Obligatory bike shot at the Warburton Rail stn.]

More photos here…

Max: I have your spare tube still - I’ll keep it in my bag, you can grab it on Monday :wink:

Damit all, I keep misplacing my Saturday mornings.

Thanks for the pics NDF.

Definately must do the trail again.


Sad I couldn’t make it for this one, but an early batch of przzies hailed me from Shep. Hope we can organise this for another time soon :smiley:

hmmn… slight problem: cog cafe is closed till the 4th (i think), and the lillydale line has a bus replacement running from the 2nd Jan to sometime in the future… so er I dunno :confused: It would be better to do it on a Sunday too apparently for a cheaper fare - maybe in Feb some time?

errr… just ride from Box Hill to Blackburn… and hop back on to the train??

pedals frantically down the hill on Whitehorse Road

The train line between Box Hill and Blackburn will be down for 6 weeks from early Jan.
The trains will still run between Lilydale and Blackburn.
Not a bad ride from Box Hill to Blackburn

well that solves it! let’s do it one sunday after new years, ride to blackburn, or just ride the 20ish k to lillydale from box hill. Anyone keen?

Yup count me in at this stage, unless I have any other pressing matters to attend to :mrgreen:

I’m in if it’s sometime after the 15th of Jan…