Melb Sat ride (your thoughts)

Hi guys,

The sat riders have grown in number in recent weeks. Just wondering how you guys feel about the rides. Timing? Pace? Where we go?

When the rides were just 853 and myself it was alot easier to be flexible and we pretty much had a “whatever” attitude to where and how far we rode.

With the numbers increasing, I think we might have to be a bit more organised? But still keep that carefree fixie feeling of course.

Thoughts anyone?


I guess it’s easy for us because we live close by and it doesn’t really need any organising. Since Dan and Rhino have been coming along maybe we should make the meeting point a bit more central to everyone?

I suppose this is up to those guys who want to join in but are too far from Melb Uni to start at 7:30.

We could change the start time to a bit later maybe, or change the starting point to somewhere convenient for everyone.

Good post Des - you’re always thinking of more efficient ways to spread the love.

i’m pretty easy about where it starts - i live on the similar side of the city to the start point, but i don’t mind it being more democratic for others either.

as for start time… i’m usually fully awake by about 4pm… so…

just kidding.

7:30am, while painful, is a reasonable time i think.



Change nothing.

Same meeting point, same time, and decide destination on the day. Thats is the real gem of this ‘social ride’…we ride along, laugh and spin shit to one another. The more the merrier though…everyone welcome!!

Actually, someone else decide the destination, I will just follow on the day.


Having the ride start five minutes from home is kinda nice, which would also make me understand if anyone south or east wants to move it somewhere else.

Keep it where it is for the moment. When the group starts getting greater than 10, maybe move it to e.g. Fedsquare.


I’m keen to jump in and ride, as are two other mates who ride fixies.

But we all race in rowing regatta on Saturdays. We’ve been talking about heading out and busting up some beach road packs on Sunday AM’s

I know Sunday is a day or rest and all that, but can I tempt anyone into this??


Thanks for all the feedback guys.

See yer all sat bright and early.


Well, if I can make it out of bed I’ll do it.

Yeah mate…the more the better. Tomorrow looks like a big turn-out!!!