[MELB] Saturday black rock ride

Hey guys,

I have a small group of people riding from north melb - black rock and back this Saturday.

Leaving around 11am from Fandangos on Errol st North Melb.

Anyone is welcome and the weather will be perfect for a beach road ride.


i’m leaving north melbourne at 8 to head to mt martha. Might run into you guys on the way back

How long does it take to get to mt martha?

I have family in mt eliza and was thinking of riding down in a few weeks.


Come on The HelL Ride with me in the morning. From Black Rock to Mt Eliza’s only about 20mins. :evil: :evil: :evil: Aerospoke may be a bit heavy to maintain 55-60km/h though.

The aerospoke can be easily changed :evil:

More info on said “hell ride” please :slight_smile:

It’s probably not what you want. It’s a roadie training ride. It can be fairly hardcore. Approx 90kms from Blackrock over Mt Eliza then back. Av speed usually over 50km/h the whole way.


Dunno yet. It’s about 65km from north melbourne along beach rd.

Yeah I know that ride.

Don’t think my fitness it up for that ride yet, although I would like to give it a go in a few weeks.

What gear ratio do you run for a ride like that?

54 x 11

I’ll probably be in on this. Hopefully I don’t finish work too late tonight though.

that’s 129 inches and 62kph at 100rpm.

sounds about right… :smiley:

I will have to purchase a 2nd chain ring for that ride. I currently run a 48 so it wont be enough.

Thanks for the info and hopefully I can join the ride soon :slight_smile:

Someone has the gear chart app on their iPhone/iPod. :wink:

got it on my computer.
anyway, i’m pretty sure you’re not serious ‘george’. it would be too hard to stick with the acceleration with that gear, a 48:13 or 14 should be ok.

54 x 11 is the main gear I’ll use on the carbon roadie. :wink:

If any of you guys feel like dusting off the roadie for some hurt box the word on the reliable street is that Barloworld and CSC will be doing The Hell Ride in the morning.

CSC :-o

im gonna ride behind em and pick up the drugs they drop


Top speed today on The Hell Ride - 94km/h!

Sprint at the end taken out by Baden Cooke. . . easily.