MELB- Severe weather this arvo 9 Nov

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Kinda strange given it’s lovely and sunny where I’m sitting…

That’s a pretty big warning area.

looked at the radar?

yeh its funny how one minute it can be sunny and a few hours later its raining

i plan on getting a cheap meal on swanston street with me ol mate brad, having a few beers and watching melbourne cbd implode around us.

I’ve kind of concluded that there will be no thunderstorm for the next few hours… but if this weather freaked city wants to prove me wrong, then feel free to rub it in my face. It’s going to come at 7 I think.
EDIT- hmmm… this post doesn’t actually make too much sense.

The ol’ 512km composite looplooks mental. Should be short lived though.

Better not ruin my wednesday night pub times. I need them.

EDIT: My prediction is 5:35

bring it…

actually that radar is looking way pissier than it did earlier. the best bit has blown out to sea

in for stickers :smiley:

I’ll go 6:45.

Sorry guys, brought it with me…

Not looking so great for my prediction. Lucky I’m not a betting man eh

And I always wanted to be a meteorologist too …

So where’s this fucking storm?

God damn it i decided not to race based on this weather report! What is this shit.

There are guys podiuming tonight just 'cause they showed up.

The view from my office looks like its going over the bay and not the city


yup its comin’ past northside now, big dark mofo. it’s the shaft of clouds