Alright guys, as you’ve guessed from the title, i had my single stolen today from melbourne uni @ 2:30’ish (you’d think in a main thoroughfare someone would notice a guy going at it with bolt cutters…)… unfortunately i finished getting it all together on Monday so I didn’t have pics as yet.

But if anyone sees a:
RICARDO branded
Red front tyre, black rear.
Tange 900 Double Butted frame (classic steel setup, horizontal ends etc)
Shimano 105- cranks, hubs, levers, brakes etc.
Only top half my drop handle bars were taped

I’m keeping an eye out on ebay and gumtree but if anyone knows any other auction sites that it might pop up or sees my ugly arse setup it’d be sweet if you let me know.

I will reimburse anyone who incurs legal costs when delivering severe beatings to caught thief.


any pic, homeslice?

bike theft is getting ridiculous, i spotted a giant roadbike being stolen in melb central the other day, reported it, but jeez

This is fucked!
What sort of lock were you running? And to will, what sort of lock was on the Giant? What do most of you on here run?
I saw a front wheel and helmet locked to a pole today, oops!

it was a really thin cable, they almost managed to snap it by pulling at it but came back with some wire cutter of some sort and just wheeled it away. i was horrified to see it happen, although i was a few storeys up i was yelling at them but they didnt hear.

i run a pretty thick cable with a pretty crappy lock, i’ve been keeping indoors til i get something better though

Terrible, really sorry for you.
Where abouts at melb uni, I was out there all last week and lock my bike there as well.

Didn’t have any pics as it was only all put together on Monday.

I guess the main thing was, i wasn’t running a D lock. So i’ll have to invest in one.

It was locked up near the commerce building.

Do you guys know any other places stolen bikes get sold? I figured ebay/gumtree would be most obvious… but maybe it won’t pop up for a while?

Sorry to hear… to late for the lock now though.
May be a pointless exercise but report to police at least, I heard that sometimes that may help.
I’ve had bikes stolen it’s the shitiest feeling, knowing someone else has your bike and wont give it back, have a look out but you’ll come to the realisation soon that you’ll have to get another.

Good Luck

If you have to lock it up in risky areas it might be worth buying/building a shitter just to commute on, if you have the time, space and money.

Cash convertors. Pretty much everything they sell is stolen.
Pawn shops, although not many of them are left these days.
Apparently at one stage there was a small racket stealing bikes from Melb and driving them in batches up to NSW where they would sell them. The Melb Uni guards knew about it because heaps of bikes where being stolen from Melb Uni.

It’s funny you mention Melb Uni knowing. One guard told me they lose four to five a day… surely reason enough to do something about it.

When I was living in the States, Tahoe ski resorts used to leave baited snowboards etc on the gear racks to catch thieves… maybe there’s a lesson there.

This pretty much was a shit kicker visually. Short of the 105 which you’d have to at least reasonably knowledgeable to recognise, the rest of it looked beat up.

That’s what probably frustrates me more… it was meant to be incognito… only now it is quite literally is incognito ahah.

i have a kryptonite mini evolution. also have one of those fuckoff heavy kryptonite chains. the mini comes everywhere, the chain i only take if i know i’ll be locking my bike outside, overnight.

both good investments.

If you can stand having your bike just slightly defaced, you can take it to the copshop and they’ll put an engraving on it so it can be identified and cant be sold at cash-converters n places.
Its free too.

hmm sad to hear about the bike.

if it ever comes to WA and i spot a black ricardo, ill be sure to BASH THAT MOFO… then again… probs wont be the dude who stole it.

if you’re keen on starting all over again… ive got a ricardo frame in orange, about 57cm too. though i’ve never sent a postcard yet alone a bike inter-state.

maybe craigslist will help

had my bikes stolen from lygon st.

it sucks but you should have got a better lock for sure