(melb) Trek Summer Sprint series round 6

Round 6 is getting close. We’re going to be throwing a free BBQ afterwards as part of the presentation and celebrations, for all riders, volunteers, volunteers and helpers from the regular Blackburn track season and spectators.

We need good weather and we need YOU! Riders. The series is tied 3 ways at the moment, Dino Apolito, Jeremy Mclay and Eddie Wilson all on 27 points. We’re hoping to break 20 riders for the day so we get three grades and quality racing. It’s the last round, so it’s your last chance to race match sprints 'til next season. We want a good field to give us some momentum to carry us through winter as we do our best to improve the series for 2008-2009.

If you’re unsure about being able to do match sprinting, please contact me and we can organise some practice and discuss how it works. It’s a lot of fun and the racing is great. Come and race with us!
Details here :

Bugger i will miss this one too, dammit. I was really looking forward to this one especially after getting my new wheels just before round 5 and missing out on that one too.

Oh well will have to wait till next year. Have fun guys, will definitely be there next year, looking forward to the great photos.


so far it’s looking good :

Sunday Fine. Min 10 Max 21

the weather’s perfect, come and race with us!

Sorry Carl - I have a prior engagement and very sadly won’t be able to make it. hope the day is a huge success, and look forward to the next series :slight_smile:


Set your alarm for October! See you next season.

Results, photos & race report :


I had a go at the SSS final round last Sunday, and I have to say that it was the most enjoyable day of bike racing I’ve ever had. It was friendly and fun! You don’t need to be an aspiring Bayley or Hoy to enjoy this event. It was all very relaxed, even with good humoured jokes coming over the fence as opponents stalked each other at low speed.

Kudos to the people who organised and ran it - especially Carl!

If you thought you’d like to have a go at match sprinting, or even thought you might make time to attend this unique event - make sure you do it next season! I’m sure you’ll get hooked - like I did. :smiley:

Carl put in a lot of hardwork to make all this happen and the reports have only been positive, I hope/know the next season will only be bigger and better.

seeya at work goatsie face!

You should try and come down for a ride Chicken Strips!!

Being the broke uni student that I am, i have to work weekends… it sucks, but its gotta get done. Next season when uni is off my back you’ll see me doing laps.
I’ll be down at some of the tuesday nite spin sessions though mate, Carls spag bol and Frenzal Rhomb motivational music is too good to pass up!