Melbourne Bicycle Happenings.

Instead of starting a new thread every time something is on im going to keep this updated.

Swap meet, alleycat, party or rad gathering.

Please share you events too…

Friday 18th November

Skinned CAT

Skingrowsback pop up sale.

Push the Envelope 4
Saturday 10th Dec

Damn, can’t believe I missed the Creux popup. Literally just flew back from Melb this morning :confused:

^ Can’t believe you harnessed time travel…

It was no easy feat.

MASH X FTW ride and movie

Theres a brake less alley cat happening tonight:

Does anyone know of any bike stuff Swap Meets coming up soon in melburn? Or before next spring anyway.

Also did good cycles ever hold another swap meet, or was it a once off?

I’m planning one (at Goodcycles) as we speak…(type)

I think there was an abbotsford one coming up (but it might have just happened).

Ol’mate fyxo is probably due another one soon…

Abbotsford was a few weeks ago, but they do it regularly

Yes Abbotsford is vintage cycling club I think, it was earlier in month. FYXO tends to do meets at Roobaix initial enrolment and/or September. Not sure if he did one at launch of Roobaix this year, but it has passed anyway.

Any idea of timeframe for Goodcycle’s Mike D? I am not in any rush. More trying to give myself a deadline to go through all my stuff and work out what I can offer back to the cycling verse.

Swap meet: Swap meet at Bike FO Inkerman St St.kilda

It’s on for the 2nd of July.

Alleycat this Friday

Anyone heading to Prova Cycles open house at 5pm in Kensington today?

Free beer!