Melbourne Bike Shops

Hi everyone

im from melb, and i just wanted to know where everyone goes to get their bike parts. is there a store that sells eveything cheaper than the rest or anything. im considering to build my first fixie, and would want to save as much as possible

Search some threads here and you’ll have some luck. This has been done before many times and there’s heaps of useful information on the forum.

Everyone will probably point you to Shifter Dan ( or maybe Abbotsford Cycles in Richmond.

Nah… Goldcross !

Goldcross at Chadstone?

worst place!

Go see ross @ iride!
He basically built my bike up from scratch!
Amazingly nice guy too!

Great site… :x, half the linked pages aren’t populated and my spy/mal ware scanners went apeshit.

yeah, i was gonna say, firefox told me not to open the page, due to attempts by it to steall private information and attack computers. looks like someone needs to do some remodelling

I also found this portrait of Ross and his assistant sitting around…

Best assistant ever. :-o

i noticed that.
his shop works fine though.
271 king st, i think.

is that where Pushi was?


evan at cyclic at flemmington can prob sort you out, too.

commuter cycles in brunswick are pretty ace, esp if you’re looking to save a bit cash.
nice dude and they do great work

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sorry about the warning messages, there wasn’t anything nasty on the site, just some dodgy scripts that did nothing. i was stoked to spend hours cleaning up though, cause i’ve got nothing better to do. website needs an overhaul anyway, maybe i’ll get some motivation when spud starts dropping in chocolate treats again.

if anyone gets anymore rubbish messages then let us know. i’d like to say tell someone who cares, but that would be mildly unprofessional.

oh and while im at it, google can go eat a big one, fascists!!