Melbourne Bike Store - Hiring Staff

Hi Guys,

A collection of fellow forum members work for Papillionaire Bicycles, and we are looking for another member to join the team.

The position requires basic bike assembly and customer service skills. At this stage we are only looking for someone to work Saturdays, starting ASAP.

Enquire to

We are currently located in Prahran, and further details can be found on our site:

just sent an email! here’s hoping

well if no one else sends one through, you probably won’t need much hope lol
all the best

also keen

Hey Rueben I’m keen but probably over qualified.

does he ever come in…

For those only posting in the thread, please make sure to send an email to nicola because she’s the one in charge of the hire.

For a little extra info, it’s $21.xx/hour and at this stage only a saturday shift.

Anyone who’s keen should go for it, it’s a heap of fun.

must one enjoy the music of she and him to work there? kimya dawson? the smiths, at a pinch? and also wear chinos, rolled up above the ankle?

i could go on, but you get the picture.

Shit! Sounds like my type of job! Zooey’s a dreamboat.

and i believe i’ve already seen you in chinos…