Melbourne bike tag

Saw this quite a while ago on lfgss and while in a state of procrastination thought I’d start a Melbourne one.

It’s very simple:

  1. Post a photo of your bike in the same place as the previous person’s.
  2. Post a photo of your bike somewhere vaguely recognisable in Melbourne, if it’s a tricky one - you can give a hint.

Let’s not make it too difficult, and perhaps not take it way too far from central Melbourne.

I’ll kick start it:

Petition sculpture out the back of Parliment near the park hyatt.

yes, and now go take a pic of your bike in that spot, then another pic in a different spot and post it up.

yeah, this isn’t going to work if you just tell everyone where it is…

This is a kinda cool idea. Let’s stick to the rules as outline by Chimpy. if i ever get a smart phone i will also join in.

This would be a good idea for an alleycat type event. No start location, no bothersome checkpoint staff, most ‘tags’ wins.

this’ll be quite fun if a few people get into it. The first one’s already been given away so someone get on it.

Oops, burned, that’s what I get for not reading the first post properly…

Go take part in it then, get a photo there and somewhere else as dfunkt said.

we’ve really run out of things to do on this forum haven’t we?

What ever happened to the ‘Steal as many SBC spoke cards as you can’ game?


i like tis game but am just way to busy/lazy

if one comes up along my regular commute im in

Capture the flag is a good one, a bunch of us used to play it with an old school bmx top tube pad. The idea was to steal it off someones bike without being caught, and whoever took it to the pub on fridays won. Much easier then this.

would you then have to put it straight on your bike and ride/work on it as per usual so others had a chance to steal it?

Yep. Awesome fun. Never won though.

There was an annual event in Vancouver called ‘messengers of doom’.

every one who entered received a ‘card’ with another entrants name. the aim was to ‘tag’ the person who’s card your received. ‘tagging’ was done via water (pistol/balloon/etc).

When tagged by someone you had to handover the card you were hunting.

person with the most ‘tags’ at the end of the day wins.

i used to take long lunches and find excuses to be out of the building on that day as it was hilarious watching all the couriers move around the city. different lockup spots, different bikes, disguises (bag and clothing swaps). no-one trusted anyone… one year there was a 10+block chase through the city as one person tried to tag another. you would get DQ’d for ringing in a fake job though.

they also gave prizes for best outfit and a few other amusing categories at the pub at the end of the day.

We should totes do a one, but with a top tube pad or something similar. Could be epic lolz.

im a little into that idea

A similar game used to happen on film sets. There’s a clothes peg that you try to clip onto someone’s clothing without them noticing (usually on their back). Person wearing the peg when wrap is called at the end of the day, buys a slab.

Mum did that to me on Saturday before I went out! Biatch!

Oh and anyway, should I make a custom TT pad for y’all?
I can use bits of animals and stuff.