Melbourne City Weekly

anyone seen this week’s edition? there’s a brutal hottie on page 13

he’s changed man

saw that on the office table just before.

i wonder how much convincing it takes to pose like that

He entered the Alleycat.

God I’m so fucking aroused after looking at that first photo.

Must be quite a pic: blocked on my work internet, and that doesn’t even block

the photographer kept saying, “stop squinting so much.”

i kept saying, “stop making me stare into the sun…”

i also asked him to ensure that you can’t see up my shorts.

a link to THE alleycat:

New sig…

i’m just relieved i remembered to mention that i currently have a girlfriend.

Yeah, it must be a pain having to knock back all those ladies who start calling when they see you in print.

well, yeah, that is true. but otherwise talking about going on dates could’ve got me in trouble.

More like an epic eye roll.

look out for that giant floating wheel of death!!!

as opposed to entering speed dating competitions while you had a girlfriend? :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 epic_eye_roll

oh man, the potential lolz from vegan speed dating were too much for even her to resist…

Nice photo Bailey, but it needs more eyebrow raising…