Melbourne CX 2015


Fields of Joy was fun.

The conditions made the A grade mens race the most grueling I’ve seen in Aus.

Lots of slips, running, busted bikes etc.

It was an eye-opening introduction to cross for me.

I only came off once (recovered about 4 times) - and it was right near the end, trying to turn and ride uphill to the finish!

For busted bikes, I saw a few busted rear-d’s, a snapped steerer and a brifter running parallel to the bars.

It was definitely a great day of CX racing… (and hiding under hay bales avoiding hail).

Can only imagine the number of saves and slide outs spectators must have seen while watching A grade. There was a lot of horsepower let loose on a rapidly changing course.

I was so deep in it, i’m not sure if it hailed or not in the race.

Looked like a ripper! You’d have to be keen though. Jealous I wasn’t there. I’ve still never been to FOJ.

I should be up to race in May though.

Super fun race. By far the slipperiest I’ve had the pleasure of riding. I was stoked to make it to the end with just a bent brifter and new hole in my knicks.

absolutely brutal race and think I spent more time lying on the ground than actually riding. Thanks MikD for grabbing my sunnies as I just couldn’t see a thing.

3 weeks is a long time off it turns out and was a rude awakening back into the start of the season

DDCX Round One pre-reg is open!

Weekend before a whole bunch of uni work is due :frowning: might be able to justify one cx race for the weekend but not both of them

If your up to volunteer on the day (Saturday the 23rd) for DDCX email your details through to with the grade your racing (if any) and any time restrictions.

Fields of Joy course is all staked up for sunday thanks to the handy petrol jackhammer. Looks like its gonna be a good one, just needs to dry out a little bit more.

Dirty Deeds Round 2 is open for business…
We have tshirts too now! (these can be hand delivered to CBR this weekend if an order is done by Thursday arvo).

Yes please

Good job on third in C Ed!

See you in B from now on eh.

And good job on 2nd in B lewis, I’ll watch you in A!

Yeah, was a ripper again! Great work everyone. Actually felt good today though and put a little bit of effort in, but still finished 3/4 back in C, just like always. Had fun though. How handsome is Tobypup!

Great day for my first cx race, didn’t get last in B grade but not far off haha

Team AGS had a banger of a day… skinnies were a talking point.

many many thanks go out to all the #FOAmafia who vol’d, heckled and raced. you all keep this crazy ride going… any and all help is always appreciated.

also #fasteronflats

I’d just like to say, having that boom box for marshaling duty was totally rad. I was pumping some sweet Japanese + NT dubstep during the women’s race and it was awesome ATMO. I want a boom box next time I marshal too.

It will be a fixture.

Also thanks to Kit/spider for the beer hand up. Was a bit big had to hand onto another racer to finish.

Huw called out his disapproval of my choice in tracks during the A grade race. I’ll have to start working on a playlist for future races.

Unfortunately after a 50min accross-town trip we just missed close of rego for the kids race.
So we had to stand around for 10mins while they lined up and started with two kids wondering why they couldn’t just pin on a number and join them.
Fortunately we had other activities in the area so as not to waste the trip entirely.