Melbourne Cyclocross 2016

Dirty Deeds is on next Sunday at Darebin.

Entries close this Wednesday.

I’ll be racing my klunker in open, with flat pedals.

NB: 3 race licenses are only eligible in Open (cos its a Vic Series round), i.e. if your racing a Cyclocross Bike you’ll need a CA or MTBA license.

You can still race a CX bike in Open if that’s your thing (if you have the bike, have never raced and just want to have some fun)

If you’re a first timer, you can grab the MTBA 2 month trial license for free.

no you shouldn’t/can’t (you will be marked as C grade and i’ll probably heckle you). open is for non-CX bikes, c grade is for exactly the people you describe.

yes, you can (and rumour has it that offer wont be around for ever)

Me and Max are signed up! I’ll be racing Open on my 26er Inbred with flat pedals and very worn tires and I plan to get MUDDY!!!

i’ll be signing myself up with razor scooter tonite.

Wot, no sandbagging? :’(

A couple of edits, by the super vol Gil, from last weekend to get you hyped for Sunday.



looks like there is no cx at gumbuya park this year and state champs moved to sam miranda on the 14th.

might wanna edit your first post mike…?

guess so

this is correct.

NCXS is a double day at FOJ on the 6th/7th August and the previous Melbourne GP of CX (first weekend in Sept) has been moved to that weekend. First sunday (4th) is now a club round of FOJ I believe and they are looking for another club to run a race on the Saturday.

MCL has their Caribbean Gardens round of VicCXS this sunday.

Caribbean Park, Gravel Grind, and NCXS/GPCX. It’s going to be a busy few weekends.

And then Sam Miranda VicCXS double header (and then Natz in ADL).

Then a weekend off

I’ll probably be giving those a miss. Shame the Champs have been moved to that weekend. I was looking forward to checking out Gumbaya Park this year, after missing it last year.

Can’t make the NCXS/ which I’m super sad about but I can at least race at Sam Miranda (and maybe get in some sneaky singletrack in Yack forest the friday before).