Melbourne Gravel Grinders #17 . Western 100. Sunday July 24

Its road bike and single speed friendly!

I recce’d it on a single speed road bike with 700x28s.

Little more seal than I’d like but still good times, flat and fast.



Never gets old

nice one! good option for the day now ddcx has been postponed.

Maybe I’ll actually make it to this one.

and drag Gil along

Yiew, birthday edition Gravel Grinder!

Will try to keep it upright this time around.

Looks like it might be a wet one. Would the route still be roadie friendly?

Yeah. They’ll all dry pretty fast I suspect.

and they are sandy/gravel rather than dirt.

There is a short stretch of a “dry weather road” but that’ll be fine.

That was very very windy.

One of the Hardest MGG’s despite only 500m of climbing.

Thanks to all that came out.

Thanks Mike. Was fun. That will learn me for trying to choose the easy one.

Looking at the wind observations in Werribee over the last 24 hours we timed it remarkably badly

Haha, that’s awesome dallimor. Thanks for a great ride Mike, the tailwinds out of Anakie made it all worthwhile.

Hope that dude with the busted car didn’t have to walk out by himself, faaaark!

Was good to ride and chat with some people I havent had a chance to do so with for a while…
Definitely felt the CX race from the day before in my legs after the first headwind section and had a few points where I was chewing the bartape pretty hard trying to stay with/in sight of the group.

Took an inadvertent detour when we missed the Farrars Rd turn… got an early taste of the headwind coming back around the bottom of Little river to rejoin the route :frowning:

But… that tailwind! Oof! so good! So much fun ripping along the gravel!

And that guy ‘removing’ his car wheel…

Yeah cheers Mike for organising and everyone for the chats. Sorry to jump straight on the train at the end; had a family thing to get to.

At first I thought that guy who fucked his car in front of us might have been stopping to start trouble… Good thing we weren’t 100m further up the road when his wheel buckled and he swerved over to the right!