Melbourne Gravel Grinders #19


@HeavyMetalCyclist I’m looking at you! Blood Incantation must be discussed.


Bit keen

Absolutely confirmed, can’t wait to talk about how much ’ Awakening from the Dream of Existence to the Multidimensional Nature of Our Reality (Mirror of the Soul)’ slaps.

This is tomorrow FYI


Been sick as a dog but would be madness to miss this.

How was it? I was in house moving hell unfortunately. But looking to ride the route in a month or so…

It was good, maybe the fastest MGG I can remember. Straight, flat, smooth gravel roads have that effect.

The bakery at Balnarring was excellent.

Climb up the Red Hill rail trail was nice.

You could add in a stop at the red Hill brewery (at the top of the rail trail) if so inclined .

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Yeh, was pretty nice. Thanks Mike.

I realised about 10 minutes down the freeway I’d forgot to put my helmet in the car. I got to the station about 5 minutes late and took me 15km to catch the back markers.

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iconic ride ngl. Thanks Mike!