Melbourne info


Squad and I are heading to Melbourne from Christchurch (with bikes) Jan 8th for 5 days and wondering if there are any group/beer/bunch/beers/beers rides going on?

Or if any of you cats are keen to link up and ride some city streets? Christchurch is an earthquake.

Let me know


Do you know MikeD?

Christchurch crew extraordinary brewery ride?

Negative, please tell me more

is this a question? if so, yes.

This is him:

Are you sure you don’t know him? I was under the impression he was New Zealand’s most famous expat.

There are a number of top quality breweries within a decent ride from the city, heck, there are even a few within a really short ride from the city. There used to be a guy who organised regular rides out to said breweries, but he started a family and doesn’t have time anymore, plus he was a bit of a cock head.

you are here just in time for SOTB. See Rhys for more information.

I know of him, one of Auckland founding fathers. Cheers for your help

will do, thanks bruh

No that’s nick c

Nah, that’s Luke Stockwell - the only person to have represented Aus in Road, mtb and cyclocross. His old boy is an old kiwi legend.

Oh shit, sorry. This is MikeD…