Melbourne messenger jobs?

Hi, I am a Canadian visiting on a working holiday visa this upcoming August.

Just wanted to see what the current work situation is like and which companies to approach. Also wondering if this is common (similarly, I have couriered in Toronto and Calgary in Canada and have met 4 Aussies on the working holiday scheme in the past 4 years).


Peter Buco!

head to 140 william st during a weekday for a chat

Thanks, will keep you in mind when I’m “in the area”

I am looking forward to winter :slight_smile:

Mail Call and Z Transport are the only companies you’d have a shot with at the moment. They might be fully staffed right now but Mail Call in particular has a high turnover rate and they’ll probably have a spot opening up soon.

But like Plunkett said, come past 140 and say hi, it’ll be rad, we’re just like Canadian couriers but with less lice.


Hey, I somehow found myself in sun-drenched Perth, but the courier jobs are sparse here.

How’s business in Melbourne, quiet? Steady? BUSY?!

I don’t mind trekking back east; I could provide some of my bike possessions since they seem to be weighing me down :confused:

I apologize if the threads are incessive, I am but a curious Canadian in your fabled land.

Pretty sparse dude. Even the larger companies are quiet at the moment.

GOD DAMN IT. that was my 666 post.

On an aside…

Any cool courier folk or bicycle folk for that matter, have a room/shared accomodation for rent?

I’m looking for around 5 months.

I know this is an old thread, but I’m currently looking for work as a messenger (Melbourne) while I sort out my life.

I have worked as a bicycle postie before and I know you have to deliver whether hail or shine. I have no problem with the weather.

Just wondering whether the following company mentioned above still a reliable sources?


give em a call but it’s pretty slow/quiet atm.

Thanks, I will definitely give them a call.

Just call em all dude, get a gig wherever you can and go from there. Mailcall, Z couriers, phantom, Allied are probs your best bets… start of the financial year and school hols means it’s pretty quiet right now but will pick up in the next few weeks, worth putting your name down and just hassle them every few weeks if you don’t hear anything.

Looks like Mail Call might give me a shot, they’ve asked me to come in for an in house training this week.


You should probably come along to Mean Streets on Saturday then. Will be invaluable training for when you get a job and have to sit around listening to jaded old couriers rambling on about the golden days for hours on end.

Literally. Hours on end.

I mixed up the dates of my in house training I thought it was on Wednesday, but it was actually on Tuesday hahaha. The lady was kind enough to rescheduled it for next Tuesday. I also found out that they are full at the moment and I’m on a waiting list.

Yup. That’s how they roll.

Can I have a job Al?

Yaaaaay mail call yaaaaaaaaay!