Melbourne MTB Clubs

So, I’m thinking of getting a MTB license as its the cheapest way to race CX this season, and I am more likely to enter MTB event than road stuff.

It seems you have to be affiliated with a club, at least in name.

Is anyone here part of a Melbourne MTB club? I have no idea of the different clubs…



Fitzroy Rev MTB.

Or full gas peddlers.

MTB Clubs are not like Road clubs, where you are obligated to do marshelling and stuff.

Join ANY MTB club, and its just a licence…

Check mtb victoria web site for full club listings.

Not really MEL, but the Geelong MTB club is great, lots of good events offered @ You Yangs.

thanks for the suggestions peoples.

I found the list of clubs on the MTB Aus site when I looked at buying a license, I’m more interested if pple here are in (or have been) a particular club and what they thought - their individual websites don’t give a heap of info on what you get out of your ~$30 you pay them.

wombat MTB is pretty good! good trails to in the Woodend/Macendon area they have rides every Thursday night

Cheers, good to know - I’ve ridden Wombat once and do have a mate out there but can’t really invisage myself riding thursday there, but it sounds the most promising so far…

Was a member of full gas peddlers for years - FullGas Peddlers
During summer there were usually one or two cx bikes at the westgate dirt crits. They used to do multi race discounts for club members etc
You could probably just do it all online at mtba Join MTBA - Mountain Bike Australia

Hey MikeD, how did you go with choosing a club? I’m hoping to sign up to one before the Dirty Gran Fondo next month.

fat tyre flyers.

Also look up this mob: do regular rides all around the place. Would be a good place to see more trails and meet other riders.

EDIT: Sorry, I just realised this is a thread dredge.

I ended up joining the You Yangs Club- You have to join a club and I figured they are building trails etc and I ride there so they deserve it.

Sounds fair enough. I’ve signed up to Fitzroy Revolution due to their proximity to home. I figure the cx season (ddcx, whittlesea cx, + gran fondo/double cross) makes it cost effective, plus maybe a few extra rides on the mtb too.