Melbourne noodle ride

The night noodle markets are on again at Birrarung Marr. For those who don’t know what a night noodle market is, let me explain. Its a market - held at night - that has noodles. It’s also cashless, so electronic payment only. It on until the 26th November, so 3 full weekends

Being a pastafarian it will be a kind of religious pilgrimage for me. I might even wear my pasta strainer hat and claim a religious exemption to the helmet laws.

So how about Saturday night or late afternoon? Saturday opening is 4pm. We meet at Federation square and ride the 100 metres to Birrarung Marr. Or maybe just pick a noodle tent and meet there.

I hope its got a beer tent. Surely it would?

So the Melbourne noodle ride set off from fed square at 5:00 pm. All 1 people headed south and turned left and all 1 people arrived at the destination at about 5:02 pm. I am now off to the Guinness site to claim the record for the world’s shortest and smallest mass participation ride.

If you are planning this ride for yourself then you need to know that the beer is hideously expensive. $10 for a small plastic cup of Squire’s IPA was almost enough to make me head to the Pimm’s tent. And the staff have no idea how to pour without giving you mostly froth. Don’t plan on sneaking in a couple of stubbies either because gates are manned with security and bags are inspected.

The noodle dishes were tasty but again, way too expensive and serving sizes were tiny. If you had planned to just wander around and sample a few different dishes you could be up for a big credit card bill.

So, no recommendation from me.