Melbourne physiotherapist


So I rode my bike a lot. Then I did something dumb and rode another bike that wasn’t set up correctly some more

Before long I realised my wrists now hurt almost all the time. I want to see a physio for some remedial help but I’d like to find someone experienced with cyclists

Anyone know anyone in Melbourne?

i see Geoff Bell in Northcote. he’s not cycling specific by any means, but he cycles regularly & i’ve found him to be pretty good. i’ve also heard Caz Walker (i think that’s her name) in fitzroy north is good.

and brenno always used to recommend ppl from Alphington Sports Medicine on Heidelberg Rd.

Tim @ EBR in East Bentleigh is really good (not cycling specific), but I assume everyone on this forum lives in Brunswick…

Don’t laugh, but I’ve found yoga to be very beneficial. It’s increased my range of motion so much, helps in everyday life, whether it’s a headcheck, reaching for something, lifting, ducking down for more aero on the pushie or motorbike. Reduced muscle soreness, stress, and strengthens and protects against injury.

There’s one pose we do in Bikram Hot Yoga that does wonders for my wrists. I believe it’s called “locust Pose” Not sure how safe/effective it is to do at room temperature though.

There’s a couple of other poses that come to mind, not sure if it’s “yoga”. If you’re interested I can try and look it up or describe it better.

Stand on all fours with fingers facing towards knees, back of hands on the floor
Stand on all fours, then take place one forearm down and place a knee ontop massaging the muscle where “you need it”

Kieser is the best I have found for problems and a long term solution if you want to pair it up with a gym.

Scooter at Impact Massage does a great job, fixed up my shoulder in one session and I have not had a problem with it since. Now located in Clifton Hill. He is an ex-messenger and specialises in cycling injuries.

Suggestion: See somebody who is good at diagnosing before treatment. The key thing is for the physio/osteo/other to understand what your problem actually is, to then be able to apply the appropriate treatment.

Thanks for the replies. That’s much more than I expected

Forgive my ignorance, isn’t that the physio’s job? Or instead head to a GP first?

I think what he’s saying is see a Physio rather than a massage or yoga person. I think it’s good advice.

Ah thanks. Yup I agree

Kat Carter. Rehub Studios - is excellent and there are many melbourne cyclists of varying disciplines who will attest to that. You will get ‘homework’ to go with your diagnosis and it is well worth doing it.

Scooter is super rad, but he is only down here part-time since he moved to Mount Beauty :frowning:

Caz Walker/Kat Carter… haha thx bud.

Brendan at Melbourne Osteopathy is a triathlete, bike fitter, as well as an osteo.

Have been seeing him for years for powerlifting related things, and couldn’t recommend more highly.

Also has a private practice in Niddrie if that’s more your area