Melbourne pre-work CX training this winter

So, while I wait somewhat impatiently for the new cross-build to come to fruition I’ve been thinking ahead to doing some pre-work riding around some of the local parks.

I’m pretty close to Caulfield Park and was over there today with Mrs Kiwicyclist and the kids visualising some good lines for a training loop- the possibilities are pretty good - sandy track around the entire park, a couple of hills and a set of steps up one of them, off camber hills and a long kind of pit with tan bark near the swings that would be a good mud/sand substitute with some low barriers to jump in a couple of spots around the loop.

If anyone lives over this way that is interested in coming out let me know. I plan on starting in the next few weeks.

Anyone else have some good local training loops in mind out of curiousity? - I know about ghetto cross and the route from Guidedogs of course - just trying to work out what might be feasible for an hour or so pre-work that is handy.


Wattle park
Hills, sand, dirt, roots, grass, gravel etc. Lots of weird dirt tracks near the Elgar rd side

My mum lives in Elsternwick and if i am around would be happy to join you Stu!

i’d ride down irregularly for a session before work.

This may commence sooner than anticipated. The Ridley is now completed and will be collected and ridden this weekend.

And yes it is sick.

When do you get back from Canuckland Nikcee?


Hey kiwicyclist - as discussed, I’d be available to get into some pre-work training somewhere out your way. Keen as the proverbial mustard…