Melbourne Roobaix

Who’s going down this year?

not me…

if anyone needs a place to stay. i have room.

i was going to come with t3z and Abodigital but i can’t get that weekend off work…

shame Melbourne needs more of the pate/perkins custom


i will be there down the for a work party on the 24th and then my birthday on the 30th.

yeah i am going down for this, need to get out of Sydney for a bit!

Are you guys flying down? And when?

yep i flying down but on the 25th and comeing back on the 2nd. but i think andy wa going to drive down, well we where going to drive down together but now work if paying for my flight down.

I got a little crew that might be headed down. Probably not racing though, just hooning,

wish i was escaping sydney to go. damn u guys, have fun.

so to the ppl that are going down whene are you going down, how long are you going for and where are you staying???

staying at the forumle 1 hotel on Elizabeth Street… from Thursday the 27th coming back Monday the 31st…

so probably drive down early early Thursday and once im awake and sober on the monday :smiley:

Driving down friday, stay South Morang friday night then Brunswick from saturday till Monday.

it’s a trap. if he invites you to his ‘den’ start running

Shit… that was a fun weekend!

Nice to meet you!

Now to get BJ out on a few rides down here…

Pity about that hotbrad dude though… :wink:

Sydney apologises.

Yip we have sorry good for nothing vegans too…
They are not too far evolved from bike hippies…

Yeah, dissing on Trippy Taco and then asking for BBQ sauce on his Tiba’s felafel. Really!

As for getting him out on some of your rides, Ben and Dan were telling us how they end up, maybe better if he dont!