(melbourne) Update on Trek Summer Sprint Series

The final round of the Trek Summer Sprint Series : http://sss.aboc.com.au/ will run on Sunday the 6th of April. In the event of a washout, it will be re-run on the following Sunday. If that too is washed out, we think we’ll have to cancel it and just take the results as they stand at the moment.

Comments and feedback on this to me please : carl@aboc.com.au

A quick heads-up for anyone interested, the series will be definitely going ahead in ‘summer’ 2008-2009. We’re negotiating with our major sponsor for prizes for the next series, but no matter how that goes, there will be a summer sprint series next summer at Blackburn run by the same people that ran it last summer.

The provisional first round will be Sunday October 5th 2008.

Bewdy!!! Lookin forard to it!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The dates for the rounds of the SSS (pending sponsor, for naming rights, the races will happen even if it’s just me sponsoring it, but the prizes won’t be as nice!) are as follows :

1 : Oct 5
2 : Nov 2
3 : Dec 7
4 : Feb 1
5 : Mar 1
6 : Apr 5

The naming rights sponsor for 2008-2009 is Bontrager, so the acronym for the series is amusing. We’re very happy to have a major sponsor for the series for this coming season.

We hope to have some posters etc ready for tonight at Revolution 3 to slide around a bit and do some guerrilla marketing.