Melbs Backpackers?

Looking for a bed for a few days when I come down for the BFF and shenanigans. Any one know which of the backpackers are good and which are rubbish. Been looking on the interwebz and Habitat is looking good, there’s a few cheaper but I don’t fancy sleeping with rats.

I usually stay at greenhouse backpackers in Flinders lane.

the’re pretty clean and right in the center of the city :slight_smile:

Thats where me and xstine are staying dude, we had a look at the place last time we were down there and it looked pretty decent.

king st backpackers isnt too bad for a night or two

the green room hostel on elizabeth street is good

also the nunnery in fitzroy is awesome too

Greenhouse (Lt Flinders), Friendly (King St) or the Nunnery (Nicholson St)