Melburn bike swap meet

Saturday Oct 2
24-28 Grovesnor St, Abbotsford (Coffee Supreme HQ)
9am for sellers/10am for buyers/hagglers

this wins so much

I’m finally going to be here for this one, selling stuff this time.

damn, the one saturday of the month that i have to work…

I’m gonna try selling my aerospoke at this.
And maybe get some sweet replacement.

there goes my rent money…

Thats unfair, if anyone I know is in need of more bikes and related parts, it’s you.

Yeah, Coffee always misses out on the best parts and bikes. It’s a shame. He missed the last one because he was asleep too. Tell you what, give me a list of what you want and I’ll be your personal shopper.

A list of what I want would never end… What I need? A cheaper hobby!

You could be my personal shopper. I would put all my trust (and tax return) in your Red Medicine profile picture.

bikes, bean machines or tattoos?

gene and rolly! please keep an eye out on a Ken frame for me! 55TT, …road or track…dont mind!!!

timing is perfect!

if i’m not away with the missus i’m all over it.

i love building bikes vicariously through others :slight_smile:

All of the above… Although I get most of my caffeine needs met for free, thank god…

Thought this was on Parklife weekend for a minute there - but seeing as it’s not, I’ll be there!

Yes! Can actually make this one.
It feels a bit like entering a casino. Don’t know if I’ll leave up or down.

hahaha i believe this is called “tempting fate”…

Is this a joke?

might want to check your ticket…its on the same day.
plenty of time to do both