Melburn comin' at ya.

Hey Folks - there’s a few of us down here in Melbs thinking of coming up to Sydney sometime over the next four months for some riding. (and basically because it’s summer and we don’t have any decent beaches)

The plan would be to head up for a week or so and hopefully incorpetate your Wednesday night ride and maybe an alleycat on the weekend or something - just wondering when would be the best time to head up, and if there’s any events coming up that we should aim to get to.

Looking forward to meetin’ ya’ll.

yeah i’m down for this, and have already met some of you that time i came on your wed ride and we did the bondi bbq…

wednesdays are always a goer, and if we know yr coming we could make a “special” night of it. being summer and all a beach trip/bbq/swim could well be in order.

not sure of any events coming up: i do know that one of the bff alleycats had to be rescheduled, so that’ll be happening sometime soonish i guess. once again, if we know there’s a crew coming ahead of time im sure the boyz would be keen to arrange something. it’s always fun to have out-of-towners around.

just thought: we could make an epic wed night of it and do the pumpkin run from manly post- the normal wed ride.

yeah - I saw that Manly thing, looks rad. - count me in. - how many km’s is it?

as an ex-sydneysider im in.

id definitely be into the pumkin run. doing the spit bridge either way would be awesome…

i’d be keen to go up as well, I want to see what sydney is like to ride.

but january or later.
i was still thinking of riding down from sydney ala cannonball sometime.

hills and no grid! :-o this shit is going to be mind blowing!

heartbreak hill in reverse is the best hill bomb ive done since SF.

fast, twisty and a lovely traffic light at the bottom to keep you honest.

theres always another leg burner around the next corner if you are out in the eastern suburbs or a car to blast you if you are in the inner city.

We should smash some hills! Watsons Bay, Bondi, Vaucluse, Dover Heights, etc
I promise it will be easier than last time. :evil:



the manly run followed by the drunken ferry ride is also a little epic

I’ll have you Chinny!

id like to see that!