Melburn represents in Tokyo

I found this on the internets, its the frame I took to Tokyo and rode in CMWC 2009, then traded in for an NJS frame that I sold when I got home…

Anyway they’ve rebuilt it, for what must be one hell of a tall Japanese dude!

am i reading that website right? they want $2,700 for it?


That’s so rad.

I remember seeing that on their blog and having no idea how they got a Hillman.

Ahh, Dreamworks / Sexon. Good guys.

Man, just did the conversion as well and 2750 biscuits!! Is that how much exotica is worth… I’ve got to take my Repco to Japan. :-o

i want that stand! Anyone have one? or know where i can get one from?

I think the brand is willworx?

No sorry I don’t, but I do have a pretty nice one made by PRO (which sits under the axle between the hub and frame - tidy). And you can get them here easily.

that’s one massive arse seat post!

Is that a 60cm frame for a start? And then there’s the gigantic seatpost!! What monstrous abomination have the Japanese created now! Will it fight Godzilla?

I’ll been to just about every cool bike shop there is (trackstar, american cyclery, king kog, keirin berlin, all the ones in tokyo, mighty riders, bicycle passion, Ace cycles, condor to name few), and shifterbikes is still my favourite - and it’s right here in Melburn.


^ I’m with you Andy, although i havent been to all those shops.

Dan put the bottom bracket in and serviced the headset on the hillman before i took it to tokyo…

American Cyclery does have a Confente hanging on the wall though.

That may be the jewel of their collection, but there’s so much hidden in storage.

The Confente’s for sale, for the right price, offers above USD$20K IIRC.

I’m keeping my lips tight on what I’ve seen and where I’ve seen it.

Here here! Eastern Europe… someone take me back with a shipping container.