Menzies Custom Track

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Frame: Full Custom Dedaccai Tube Track build, Ahrens BB yoke, Ahrens track dropouts & 44mm HT (58.5 cm TT C-C)
Headset: Chris King i1 headset Black
Fork: Leader i805 1 1/8" 35mm
Stem: Thomson X4 Black 110mm
Bars: Shimano Pro Vibe 7s road 42mm
Tape: Velo Orange Leather
ISP Topper: Ritchey WCS 31.8
Saddle: Specialized Toupe Pro 143mm (current is Specialized power 143mm)
Cranks: SRAM Omnium 165mm 48t
Pedals: Time Attack Allium (street) / Dura Ace road for Racing
Wheels: Dura ace to Velocity A23 32h Clincher (street) / Dura Ace to Campag Omega Strata’s Tubular 28h (race)
Cog: Roselli 14t
Tyres: Conti GP4000’s (street) / Conti Gator sprinter tubular (race)

looks good!

what’s goin on at the TT/ST join though…?

nothing untoward, think the image screwed up in the upload ?

nothing untoward, think the image screwed up in the upload ? Woops

Been seeing shots of these on insta. Doesn’t seem to be much info available. Would be interested to know price compared to other available custom aluminum track frames (LOW etc.)

Nice bike btw!

Unfortunately its 1 of a total of 3 that were and will ever be made. I wouldn’t get a LOW due to the wait and price.

Ha, well there you go

Looks pretty dang good… There will be more Menzies / CyclesMasonic but they will be carbon not Alloy…

sic rig JJ. Can confirm these thing got the beans on the track and the finish is second to none. We gotta put the latest Dt sticker on it but bro.

And one steel one hey bro :smiley:

nice street wheels!

How do you like the GP4000 on a track bike? In need of new decent tires that will stand the abuse. I only skid when I have to but it does happen and I dont want my tires to blow out or flat regularly.

I’ve been looking for a tyre that feels like a veloflex, lasts like a durano and skids like an everwear, can someone tell me where to buy this?

where is the rack? “hey nice bike”