Merckx Max in tassie...

bit optimistic on the price, but my oh my what a lovely frame.

Eddy merckx MX leader w/ dura ace | eBay

For that money I’d want matching brake levers!! Seller seems to completely ignore this (plus the size of the frame).

Andy hampsten style

…and what’s with the yin yang bar tape? Love those Arayas.

This is ugly, IMO. Colours are more eww than that character Bett Midler played in ‘the rose’. Janis Joplin my arse, I just watched the movie and halfway through I was like ‘can this bitch just die already? I wanna stand up and walk away from this piece of shit movie yo’

fussy bunch!

i agree the price is naff…but the frame…cmon!

You dun goofed, this is horrible

I’m kinda over max stuff atm. Seeing big chunky forks makes me cringe ha ha give me overly thing forks/stays that look like they’d bend if you looked at them the wrong way!


although i agree seems like every man and his dog is chasin a max frame.

*edit, includes me =D

chyeah i dunno, i use to really like them. Oh well, times change :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s cause i had chunky-ass stays on my pursuit and just wish they were thinner :frowning:

Thank god my Hillman is thin 531 goodness lol

i’m with you HLC, i don’t dislike them, but i never really understood the hype.

Liking MAX is too mainstream for you guys now??

neither did i, until i got one.

yep max is shit to the the power of hipster everyone fuck off so it gets cheap and i will buy, ok? thanks brah