merckx road complete

Eddy Merckx Professional road bike - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 18-Jul-10 11:36:04 AEST)

$1399 BIN. pretty good buyin.

another outstanding one from manbau. I can vouch for the fact his stuff is outstanding. snap it up folks i would had it not been for this
Cinelli SuperCorsa Full Campag Chorus

ah, manbau sure dishes up the deals.

i’ll second hamish’s commendation, and add that his packaging is top notch. get in there kids!

And I’ll post for free if sold outside of ebay.

fuck, that thing is hot!!!

Cheers. Been after one for a while. It says it’s an early 90s frame but might be more like mid to late 80s given the brake cables are still on the top tube rather than concealed. So the groupset is probably wrong era- but hey I’m not complaining.

LAY BUYS welcome.