Merckx, two Paconis and an unknown Reynolds.

Here’s what I’ve got at the moment.

  • Unknown Reynolds 531 track frame, chrome seat stays, forks and head tube, 58cm sq.
  • Dura Ace hubs laced to Velocity Deep V’s.
  • Sugino 165mm track cranks (circa 1976).
  • Hillman 80mm stem.
  • Cinelli drops.
  • Dura Ace 15t cog.
  • Cycle Underground 44t chainring and Zeus 15t cog.
  • Shimano sealed bearing bottom bracket (newest addition, the beautiful old Sugino cup and cone bb I was running is way too pitted, that’s what I get for running it on the streets).
  • Shimano 600 headset.
  • Turbo saddle.
  • Sugino seatpost.

  • Eddy Merckx Strada, 57cm sq.
  • Columbus tubing.
  • Dura Ace gruppo.
  • 3ttt bars and stem.
  • Rolls saddle.
  • Shimano WH-R500 wheelset.

  • Paconi Reynolds 531, 58-ish.
  • Campy Chorus (first gen) gruppo.
  • Campy Chorus hubs laced to Mavic Open 4-CD rims.
  • Rolls saddle.
  • Cinelli bars and stem.

  • Spud’s old Reynolds 653 Paconi track frame, 57cm-ish.
  • Suntour hubs laced to Aeroheads.
  • Sugino cranks.
  • Cheap risers and stem.
  • San Marco Concor saddle on fully sick BMX seat post.
  • Phil Wood 16t cog and some cheap 40t chainring.
  • Pretty average parts on this one, just the bits lying around in the backyard.
  • Ruining my colour scheme.

where did you find her and how much did she cost, if you dont mind me asking?

Bought early this year on eBay. Payed $600 but not as is (was running singles, different stem, different chainring, etc).

That’s a damn nice looking bike Samuel. What colour is it being resprayed?

Hey! i saw this machine on flinders lane on friday

nice bike

Are you really attractive?

The fridge never lies, George.

Thanks Liam! If / when I get it resprayed it’ll be red again.

why is your fridge in your loungeroom? :?

My loungeroom and kitchen are attached, there was nowhere else it could fit. :confused:

you gonna keep the lugs chrome? i hope so.

my petrus is same color and has same bb cut out. also reynolds… that might help ??

Thanks for that single1, will check it out!

Yeah, will keep everything the same, just repaint the red bits. I love the chrome lugs.

Might not paint it for a while though…

Woo, updated.

Those Sugino cranks are sexy.

I dig the classic-ness of em all as well.

Thanks man. And yeah, no pink aerospokes on these guys, ha.

Don’t get me wrong, I dig Aquaman’s nu-rave bike as well. I just like nice bikes in general.

I rode with him and some friends on Saturday, nice guys. Kept going too fast for me though. :expressionless:

Oh yeah nah, I wasn’t raggin’ out that bike at all either.

wow nice collection! That Paconi road bike is sooo nice. Where did you get it from?

yeah, nice stable of rides you’ve got goin there.

Got the Paconi roadie for $350 in Tassie, Cashies. A bud was down there on work, saw it and called me. Arrived at the airport the next day. Good pal.