Merckxy Xmas To Me...

Eddy MERCKX Track bike 56.5 X 55 in full Campagnolo C Record pista Sheriff star | eBay

This aint bad either considering the free shipping…

Christmas offer! Merckx MX-Leader 56X55 + Campagnolo Record 10 speeds group. | eBay

this one too: Eddy merckx MX leader w/ dura ace | eBay

Jesus Ben you are nuts, and I’m very jealous. Is that Andy’s twin?

Haha nah I didn’t buy it, I was very tempted but I’m a bit better with the itchy trigger finger these days, too much credit card debt to pay off!

Andy’s is MX-Leader, same otherwise though…

haha cool I did notice after I went back for a 2nd look that it was still for sale.

Damn that road bike is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking for.
Would the wife kill me? Probably.