Merry X-Mas homies ...

Mojito time … and after a few too many I could only manage a quick pasta.
I’m a bit drinkz already, but very merry !!!

Have a safe & happy time y’all !!!

Merry Xmas Spirito and all of the #FOAmafia

have a good one peeps, stay safe.

Merry Xmas to the whole forum… Has been an awesome year on here… Look forward to meeting more of you this year coming …

Ah pics from Spizzy’s kitchen…always good for the soul.

I raise my glass to you all. Merry Christmas.

Merry Chrismas everyone

I just received a Christmas present from a rello… I have no idea why, but they put a picture of HMC on the card, from his “Saved by the Bell” days…

Edit: Can’t get the pic of the card to work, but it basically looks like this:

Its my sons birthday today, so chrissy gets consigned to the actual day. Lunch tomorrow looking great though, more than a few Menabrea’s waiting. Merry Xmas peeps.


Well spotted. Happy B’day to little familyguy !!!

Was gonna post the original, but this is surprisingly less silly

Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) | Select Music


Merry Christmas all!

Yeah, I see it

Spotted in Roma … killer window display !!!

Merry Christmas all!

Stolen from Gonzlab’s Instagram…merry christmas from Eddie.

Yep, its The Great Aussie Christmas in Sydney today!

Let the forest of broken dreams begin.