Messenger Bags

Hey all…
Do you like the seatbelt buckle in chrome bags? Do you use it as a clip, or only to tighten the strap? I’ve heard horror stories of people pushing the button while you have your laptop in the back… Essentially I am wondering if it is just a styling issue, or a worthwhile usable feature.

If you don’t own a chrome, would you like the feature to be able to completely undo your shoulder strap like that. Is it necessary?

Cheers for the responses!

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I’ve got a Crumpler, Soupandsalad and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to undo the strap. Adjusting it on the run however could be useful. Something the crumpled doesn’t offer. Apart from that bloody good bag :smiley:

I love being able to break the strap on my chrome bag. Especially when i’ve got really heavy, bulky stuff in there - it’s much easier than pulling it over my head. Also being able to adjust it on the run is really usefull. I wear my bag pretty high on my back so if i didnt have some sort of easily-adjustable strap (or a seatbelt-esque clasp) then i would make getting it over my head difficult.

2c :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies guys. I am just real interested in your thoughts, as I am in the process of designing my own bag range. I appreciate all your help!

While we’re at it, are there any features that REALLY piss you off in a bag?

They are too expensive

Not enough external pockets. My crumpler doesn’t even have one. :cry:
oh and the shoulder strap moves around so you have to put Velcro behind it to stop it moving. Good luck with it all.

+1 for too expensive
i’d love to get a new bag but i dont have $100+ to drop, so i’ll have to stick with my shitty camo backpack

Yea, I’d like a bigger bag, but they are all so expensive. The Seagull Black Bag is pretty well priced though.

nothing wrong with a bit of back padding aswell
sometimes when u got it packed out some shit can stick right into ur back

AMEN. but i mean Chrome bags - Lifetime warranty. cant go wrong there

Is there really any benefit to riding with a messenger bag if you don’t deliver stuff?

I love mine :-D. My backpack killed my back but the messenger style thing is freek’n great. Just seems to sit in the right place and it hold a 6 pack :smiley:

Okay… seems price is an issue. :frowning:
Would you pay more for a life time warranty as per chrome?
What would be a reasonable price to pay in relation to size/features? eg. If it fit two six-packs how much would you pay?

iwearmoccos: messenger bags dont really carry well for heavy loads, but are fantastic for light/bulky loads. I find they hug the back better and sort of “wrap” around the body (they dont sway while you pedal). I also like that you dont get as hot using 'em. That being said I do use a backpack for longer trips or when i have a heavy ass load.
What do you suggest is better than a messenger bag?

External pockets and padding are go-ers as well eh?

a) my chrome swings around like god’s own dick unless i have the stabiliser strap on
b) i still get sweaty with my chrome. i have a deuter backpack that, by design, holds the bulk of the backpack off your back. not really possible with a messenger-style bag though.

I have also seen the light.

Deuter back packs are incredible. I love the adjustability that the compression straps offer: I can use it to pack my work clothes, tools etc etc but with the flick of a few straps I can get it nice and compact for a camelbacked mtb ride. Very stable and far less back sweat than my crumpler.

Check out the straps on a Deuter, they are quite breathable, something my crumpler was not.

Granted I am not a courier, this is from a commuter’s perspective.

Got a link to your bag?
I need a new one for my commute as the two I’ve been given to by work suck when riding for various reasons.
Having to carry a lap top makes it a bit difficult also