Messenger work and Panasonic R'Air tubes in Perth...

Hello Everybody,

Just wondering how much messenger work is available in the Perth CBD, who the main employers are and anything else anybody may know that could help me get into a job I believe I’d both excel at and enjoy, like what kinda mileage I would expect to ride on a busy day? Will a u-lock be sufficient for securing my bike?

Also, is there anywhere in Perth that sells the Panasonic Panaracer R’Air tubes?

Lastly, do any messengers ride brakeless? I see a few people pushing brakeless setups for leisure but nearly every messenger I have seen on the terrace recently has been running a single speed free with a flat bar and front n back brakes. Does nobody honor the spirit of Kevin Bacon anymore?


My mates have said it’s been quiet over there lately. Most guys will do 35-40km per day, up to 1000m climbing if up and down between the CBD and West Perth/Subi. Most guys use U-locks.

Re: tubes, dunno. Web would be your best bet.

Lastly, a lot of guys i knew rode brakeless but my understanding is that a lot of the companies are cutting down on that so everyone is just doing SS.

Hope that helps.

Thanks HLC, good info for sure :slight_smile: I guess I’ll just loiter around the terrace and see what the deal is. 40km is a good amount, not too much or too little. Did you messenger here? What combo / gear inches were you pushing if I may ask?
I initially planned my bike to be SS with both brakes so riding SS is fine. I would work for almost nothing if I could get my foot in the door at a decent company.

Nah i was a fakenger. Used to push 80 gear inches all day. Anywhere between 67-80 will be fine.

Thanks for the advice. I am pushing just above 80, but I guess this rules out swapping my 44t back to my 54t haha.