MGG #18 . Classic Hits . Sunday Sept 25.


Course Recce done, 65kms with 1800m of climbing, some of it quite pinchy but some fun (easy) single track to enjoy, two stops for food and drink, it all finishes with a great downhill roll.

This fits into my training plan perfectly.

Hell yes!

I mean… GPX?

classic mikdee.

I have no training plan, I stopped riding over winter because of all the cold and rain and I’m a wus. But my weight is down to 50kg and that makes up for everything right?


This Sunday, all signs point to a good ride.

Disregard. Tomorrow is gunna be sweet

Awesome ride, MikeD bringing the hurt.

I think Angry might be the best person in the world

I think Angry might be the best person in the world


Also the bit about the ride bring totally great is also true

(One of the) best parts about Angry is when people actually meet him and realise how not angry (and very rad) he is. A++ human indeed.

saw a picture of Sime wearing a flannel and a gilet collabo, so internet cycling chic!!

Hey there was a bit of that. Sime. Mikdee. Roon.

It’s the best combo, wool shirt and a gilet. Practical and stylish. Don’ wanna be caught wearing a matching kit y’know.

I’m all on board with the #casualgilet. A recent convert, but it is very practical.

Plus you can control your temp easily! rolled sleeves, open gilet, unbutton flanny or all back up again… technical cycling wear at its pinnacle.

Awesome ride and route yet again Mike! And Angry at the top of that climb was the sugar dusting on the jam doughnut!!!

Good fun day! Glad you all enjoyed the treats, I certainly enjoyed giving them and seeing you all enjoying the ride. Can’t wait for the next one!