Anyone going to see them?

at Meredith, yes.


Watch out for The Bronx @ 3pm Saturday!

Bastards… :x

Missed out on a ticket this year…If anyone happens to knows of a ticket though??

you and everyone else it seems. I’m currently chasing tickets for some mates. normally there are heaps going cheap on ebay around this time.

Are their other songs good?

the albums songs are all quite catchy

doo-doo-doo-de doo-doo-doo, dooooo

Damn it! That shit’s in my head now Spud.

Not Really a MGMT fan.

Been scouring the Bay but no luck…last year I got 2xtickets (Sat sun only though) for $45 each the Thursday before. I don’t think those bargains exist this year.

Very boring band.
Why do all these types of bands suck?
I really want to be amazed by some different music, but its all very very dissapointing.


i was working the thursday night show at festy, but i pulled out.

why? so you could go?

i have a few friends going thursday night, it would be good.
and my sisters going merideth lucky bitch.