Miche Track Hub Threads ????????

Parker International have Miche Track Nuts for £1’60 which if like the lock rings fit campag hubs will be a good buy- anyone in Brissy running Miche track hubs and going to Chandler one day soon so I can test a campag track nut on a rear axle???

Ta Muchly
PS I was going to get some sent to a UK address so if anyone else is interested I can get a few sent over- assuming they fit campag.

chris has miche wheels grab his nuts next time! hahaha good one scott!

no they don’t.

Knew it was too good to be true !
Oh well have someone here that can make some and also rethreads others to fit- and makes long axles and threads hollow axles to fit allen bolts to use on the track.
Just need one more pair for my fourth fixie!!!