Mid week stroke

After Easter ill be house sitting for 6 weeks in norman park.

Im super keen for a Wednesday morning ride, Something different each week and not just river loop.

Meet up at 6 roll out at 6:15 do a solid hour and a bit and take off before workies

Whos keen

sweet im in…

I have been saying that a lot and not showing but I need to start riding

I’ll ride with you.

Read the title, thought it maybe a thread about being married…

I really need to start riding more so might join occasionally.

Let’s start this tomorrow morning

I got tomorrow off so can probably do this

I’m in Morningside so… in.


Gutted, #dadlyf.

Sooooooooo. Time and place for next week?

I’ll be in for the week after Easter,

Me too - next Wed I’ll be flying to Sydney to relocate a Harley Road King to Cairns.

If you don’t mind!

Nek Wednesday morning, for me it’s post track recovery spin, cruisey loop is my go to

I’ve got nek week off - keen but early mornings I can’t promise anything.

keen to meet in east bne and do a good hour plus loop


whos keen for a 6 roll out for an hour plus spin, meet up in east bne

im in at this stage…