Midnight Alleycat

Which would you prefer?

Please vote, I will be organising this event depending on which night gets the best reception. Feel free to share ideas as well, cheers.


I often think about this kind of race when riding home on weeknights any time between 1am and 4am. - You’ve essentially got the city to yourself, would be nothing but long hard steetches of sprinting and none of that ‘dodging traffic’ crap that usually wins people races. (yeah, yeah - pin on a number, I know…) I think sunday night could be cool though for that reason.

I’m going to weigh in with Chaz regarding sunday. Lots of cops out on fri/sat, plus drunken dickheads stumbling onto the road from every direction.
plus i have monday off

yeah, Sunday night! i have work on fri/sat. nights

Yep, Although it may be harder to get people keen to show up because of work Monday, Sunday night could be awesome.

I had an idea a little while ago of a checkpointed late night ‘crit’ race in the city, only time it’d really work and be fast is on a night like this.
The idea was Basically a large circuit around the City where you would have to complete a set number of laps, but you could get lucky and be granted a free pass through the middle of the city allowing you to make up time. Probably using a magic envelope or task based system.

That’s about as much thought as I had given it


that is pretty much what i was thinking for this, a circuit around the city but maybe have different start points with separate groups. but yea sunday night is fine for me, but we might not get as many people up for it.

^ the sunday night before the melb cup would maybe work. Alot of people have that Monday off anyway, so it’s the best sunday re: turnout you will prob get.

this could be a good thing.

i’m keen for a sunday night race despite usually starting on monday at 6.30am…

good idea daniel
Sunday the 31st of October looks like a pretty good date.
No one goes on holidays these days right?

halloween alleycat?

doesn’t this still mean there’ll be a lot of drunken idiots stumbling around town though…?

hmmmm true, the main thing about this alley cat is how empty the city will be.
31st may be a bit soon to get all my shit together as well.
we’re on to something though.

The fact that people have to work on the monday is the reason a sunday night race is perfect! less people, less traffic = faster riding (and a better chance of winning). - and honestly, if only six people turned up, it’d still be awesome.

it may aswell be on a Saturday night if you’re going to run it on the Sunday of a long weekend.

having different start points would be a fucking nightmare… use the quietness of the city to your advantage, keep it simple and keep it fast otherwise you may aswell have it on any other night of the week.

sounds awesome. i really like night riding. and you could get massive sprints like 5 people deep because you don’t have to keep checking behind you for cars. less of an issue with red lights too - if you’re going to do it, you won’t shit yourself as much. which i tend to do

Just remember, if the po po are sitting around and they see a bunch of pricks running reds, they’ll have nothing better to do, the streets are quiet with no traffic, their cars will catch up with you mighty quick.

Sprints of the Melb Cemetary are a good thing, quieter and no traffic lights…

  • would suit a halloween theme.

so keen for the idea of a halleycat. any help you need, i’m down

My 2 cents.

Sunday night would be best, but as the other guys have said, if its before the public holiday you’ll have just as many drunkies as if its on a friday or saturday.

If my bike is all ready I’ll be keen to join in…

^ the p/hol is on tuesday, so it wont be as bad as if it was Monday. Anyway. I think 31st is a bit too soon for p.m.

I’m for any night. Plz see Royal Flush thread on a ‘how to run alleycat’ blueprint.