MILK RUN 7/11/2009

What it is: A fixed-gear “hotdog” criterium on a 1,000m stretch of closed road between the Canberra Airport and Fyshwick.
Where: Dairy Road, Fyshwick ACT
When: 3pm, 7 November 2009, rain or shine
Who: Fixies
Entry fee: A sixpack to share
Prizes: Smiles, scabs and glory

Ah man, sorry Steve… I am in Melbourne that weekend for a wedding.

Count me in!

Yeah I’m up for this, never ridden a crit before,
Kind of want to do it on my new ride:

But kind of don’t want to prang it…

Im up for a ride.

However, i can’t do the entry fee, I’m underage. Alternative? Bring lollies or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

Non-drinkers are totally welcome, even if they do have an unfair advantage :wink:

A big bag of jelly babies or snakes would be awesome for a sugar hit! Any reasonable subsititute, as long as it’s not Coopers Birell - filthy stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the underage category so I’ll hit up the lollies or something as well

This sounds awesome

Any non-competitive cyclists are more than welcome. Let’s get some spectators, and I’ll need a couple of marshals too - PM or email me if interested!

this looks good! hotdog course + fixed = good spectating and sparks/jumping bikes from pedal strike.

I’d be in if i had a fixed gear bike and i wasnt in boring training lockdown for the following weekend.

you may want to reconsider your flyer.

because that’s fucked.

this ain’t zoo magazine, fella.

this looks fun. if i’m in cbr would be keen to spectate/maybe participate.

Would love to come (uni work permitting) :smiley:

A few more details about this caper:

  1. Each race consists of three laps.
  2. If the field is larger than 10 riders we’ll split into two heats and a final of the place-winners.
  3. Traffic cones will mark the two turns, 1km apart for a 2km circuit.
  4. Additional cones will be placed 100m in advance to indicate each turn.
  5. The race is neutralised on the 100m approach side of each turn.
  6. In the neutral area riders are to hold their line, no overtaking, no tactics.
  7. Marshals will be present at both turns to disqualify unsafe riders.
  8. The odds of pedal-strike are high. Wear a lid. A first aid kit will be present but that won’t fix fractured skulls.
  9. As a prize I’m offering the winner a shiny new pair of MKS Sylvan pedals with toe clips and straps. Shiny!
  10. I’ve also scored some give-aways for participants and helpers.

Looking forward to seeing ya’ll there. Let’s get some numbers and make this a tradition.


Good luck with this Steve. Sorry I can’t make it this time around.

Yeah I’m out too, probably not the best time in the middle of uni exam hell…

am keen, should be fun.

I’ve got work :frowning:

Weather is looking good. Traffic cones are ready. Boom-box has fresh batteries.

We are go for orbit.

did anybody happen to find a caribeener with a set of keys and a bottle opener on it after the race?

joe got some nice photos of this here: