Minimum stem length for Canti-lever brakes

I want to be a hipster and run canti’s on my bike but I also want to run a 60mm stem and risers. Will this work with one of those cable guide things?

a) when did canti’s become hipster
b) i reckon a 60mm may make it difficult. maybe with the right cable hanger you could make it work
c) wu-tang is forever

Chart it ^^

Maybe cantis is hipster for aerobars?

But, stem length shouldn’t affect your setup much. A bigger concern is how many spacers between the stem and the cable hanger / how deep the hanger is / how much rise you have. If you’re running drops and a 0º stem or negative rise with few spacers and a shallow hanger, it’s going to be very difficult to get the housing out of the bartape and manipulated down to the hanger stop.

You have risers, so you can run your housing out and back into the hanger, shouldn’t pose any problems. Make sure you aren’t using linear pull levers.

A fork crown mounted hanger can help with this. I’d offer you the one I picked up at the swap meet, but Nikcee took it and gave me a piece of plastic in exchange.

In my esteemed, and somewhat intoxicated, opinion - run brakeless or hydro discs. Everything else is a pain in the arse.

maybe canti’s became hipster when ‘CX’ became the new fixed

i cant wait for next year

when DOWNHILL becomes the new CX

Finally i will be able to roll on 3.6inch tires, 7 inch plush Marzocchi’s and wear my body armour and goggles while cruising to the cafe.

actually… i might just start doing it next weekend.

anyone up for a downhill meet degraves? coffee? posing with downhill bikes? skinny jeans? cigarettes even? lycra? spd’s? tattoos?

i would love to see that one catch on.

^ I’m liking this idea

“In my esteemed, and somewhat intoxicated, opinion - run brakeless or hydro discs. Everything else is a pain in the arse.”
"maybe canti’s became hipster when ‘CX’ became the new fixed,i cant wait for next year,when DOWNHILL becomes the new CX "

and you are all behind i already ride my mtb to the cafe in my skinnys… and it was covered in genuine worlds 24 solo dirt too…
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I have been racing DH, enduro & XC since 1997, as well as townhilling, strials & dirt jumping. Compared to hydro discs with good lines (goodridge etc), cantis, Vs & cable discs are annoying. Brakeless is OK as there is nothing at all to worry about, adjustment wise.

To the original question. If your problem is getting the cable under the stem and into the cable hanger there is a noodle (yes) designed for this problem that will make it easier/smoother to run the cable at that tight angle. Not sure on brands or anything. I bet google could tell you. If you’re really stuck I can find out.

^ Those Dia-Compe clamp-on track bike brakes come with one of those ‘noodle’ things in the box - called a FlexTek or something similar. See if anyone you know has one lying around.

decided to scrap this idea and actually buy a complete bike with brakes and gears for once. IE Fuji Cross 2.0. ahh the benefits of working in a bikeshop