Minus temperature riding

For those of you Canberra dudes who know how fkn cold it gets here - what do you all wear to keep you toasty on the bike? I have some old stuff, but am keen to reinvest in some new kit.

The temperature of the next few days are going to be around -3. I need to head out and get amoungst it. I will be riding quite hard for about 40min to 1hr at about 6.40am.


Merino, merino, merino, several layers of it. Plus an outer layer like a light wind jacket.

Booties, gloves, head cover of some sort. Booties are particularly awesome and a real necessity once you’re close to 0 deg (cheap dhb ones do a perfect job)

Experiment with different things. I find that once you go under 5 deg, a degree colder or hotter makes a big difference. Go out one morning with the full cover and you might find yourself peeling layers off.

So far this winter I haven’t got the full knicks out yet, and managed with my bibs and good knee warmers. I find that if my feet, hands and upper body are warm, my legs don’t need to be covered with very warm knicks.

I am just after a killer product that will keep most of the cold off my chest as well. I am just getting over a sickness so I don’t want to head back there I guess. I don’t mind spending the $'s if its going to be a purchase that will last a while - I just want to make sure that it will suit the Canberra cold as it is a lot different than other cities.

Might look into the merino. I picked up some icebreaker gloves and neck warmer recently. Hit me up with links, brand names, cycling specific stuff etc.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Ground Effect’s Jungle Jim merino/Lycra blend is awesome. The can go over knicks and/or under baggy shorts. They also sell a version with padding at the knees for extra warmth.

Second winter I use a Rapha winter jersey. It’s excellent. Too warm for over 5 deg, great under. Quality that lasts but expensive - although it was on sale weeks ago, it may be a good idea to check the site.

Merino base + winter jersey for 5 to -1
Merino base + normal jersey + winter jersey under -1

From my -5c Dutch escapades, I was fine with long winter Knicks, shoe covers, arm warmers and gloves and a good jacket.

But for the love of god get a cycling cap that covers your ears. Such pain I have never felt again.

Cover your face!

This winter so far I’ve gotten away with leg/arm warmers, a thermal, jersey and Rapha padded vest (was on sale a couple of weeks ago) - one day last week I wore a wind jacket as well but that got way too warm as soon as I started climbing about 30mins in. That was a foggy -2 morning. For me though the most effective thing had been this Rapha merino face/neck scarf (more like a tube mask) that was (surprisingly) $10 on sale. If my extremities, ie sinuses, hands and feet are warm, my body eventually catches up

So I rode this morning. I don’t think it was as cold as what the weather man was telling us, but the fog did leave a fine mist on everything which meant coldness set in. I tried the icebreaker fleece face cover but it just made my glasses fog up. The only thing that really suffered were my hands. I use troy lee xc mtb gloves with gore under gloves. It makes for a bulky hand and it made riding on some of the rougher off road stuff on the cx bike a little dicey.

Gloves, slap me across the face with what you use.

booties, thick socks, balaclava and a softshell. Make sure you get a size up on the jackets, so you can layer up. Merino and softshell should be good to a few degrees, arm warmer and jersey should see you ok for a few more.

Gloves: this year I just bought a pair of ergon ha2. They look thin, but they’ve worked well so far around 0. They are really good at breaking wind. They’re not bulky at all so you have good feeling for the bars.

The first 10 min are cold, then they warm up and it’s all good. I’m going to try them with a thin merino glove for the colder mornings. Bought them at cycle city in Fyshwyck.

Just peepin’ this… coupled with a good base layer should do it you reckon?

This morning I had a craft base layer, 2xu short sleeve jersey, 2xu arm warmers, and a 2xu thick vest. Pretty warm… but a bit bulky.

All way too pro for me. So far this winter I’ve been wearing
cuts wind, is warm but not toasty… too cold to stand around in, not too warm to ride MTB for an hour or two with a jersey underneath.
Lowe Alpine - Velocity Glove
Ditto above, not too warm standing around, and fingers do get a touch cold if not smashing it, but can ride in them for a long time without getting sweaty
WK Supershorts
and a buff over ears.
And Ezy, I am with you on the face cover, cant do it without fogging up glasses, and for me its only my forehead and ears that need cover to stop real pain.

for info, that montane jacket withstood some decent crashes onto rocks at Jerra last weekend, havent even washed it since, no cuts, dirt rubbed off ok… polartec powershield really is tough.

failing all of that, hard yakka/king gee long sleeve shirt and trousers with normal clothes underneath. Cuts most wind but shouldnt weat up too bad, wont let misty fog through.

I tend to get real hot, real quick on the MTB - so thats a totally different story all together. Then again, I don’t ride MTB early in the morning as I tend to do it over the weekend. This is purely making the commute to work enjoyable.

I think my legs are all sorted. At this point it is just the gloves and chest.

For my head I just use a cycling cap, with a dhb ear warmer over the top which works well. If it is super icy, I have a craft windstopper that I will add in under the cycling cap. It is a bit of a pain to have to use three items for your head though, if you know what I mean.

Some with the gloves - I am essentially wearing 2 gloves on each hand.

I just want to cut down the bulk a bit.

Still on sale, sounds like a plan. You can try mine to get a feel for it before buying. PM if keen.

I like the look of that rapha jersey, and it seems cheap!

And I had a 20% discount code for them as well - won’t work anymore. Jerks.

This is my first year commuting in winter and have Ground Zero merino baselayer, and thermal cycle pants - best thing about these besides being really warm is that they are quick dry.

How does Rapha stuff size. I am sort of in-between a M and L. Thinking L.

EDIT - “The jerseys and baselayers have a slim fit. The cut is not skin tight (except the Pro Team Jersey), but slimmer than the jackets. Our jerseys are made out of high stretch fabrics, so that they adapt to your body. Please see the guide below for the recommended size with regard to chest inches.”

FUCCCCK!!! Just went to buy the rapha jersey and the Large is now sold out. FKN KENTS!!!

You guys ride with Neoprene overshoes? Man, when I was in London they’re were an indispensable piece of kit. So toasty.

That, windproof winter gloves, full fuzz winter tights and a goretex paclite. Macpac is good for cheap Merino sport socks BTW

Oh and as for hats these are rad (kinda wish it was cold enough here to demand it #sorrynotsorry):

Randi Jo Fab. Winter Wool Cap – Bunyan Velo

Hunter Cycles — Wool flip down cycling caps