mismatch problem solvers

So, I have a reverb with remote on matchmaker clamp with guide brakes, and x9 on the other matchmaker clamp.
I would like to get rid of brakes and shifters and keep the reverb, probably run zee everything.

I see problem solvers makes mismatch makers, but cant see any reverb to i-spec. And in looking for a “normal” bar clamp for reverbs, all i see is a whole new button assembly for $180 or something ridiculous.

Getting close to tossing all of it (although I like the reverb just fine) and getting shimano and KS/ODI situation going.

Anyone know much about sram? anyone gone from matchmake to normal clamping? I find the whole set up ridiculous. No adjustability in relation to brake lever, if i want to take my dropper off i must also have no brake… not much of a tinkerers kit.

Yeah this. Do this one.

buy a mac?

Ha! Thank you :slight_smile: it shouldn’t be this hard.

It’s definitely a firmware issue.

Contact Problem Solvers directly and ask them if they have a solution as their mismatch clamps wont do the job.

did you turn it off and on again?

i reckon there’d be a homebrewed alternative…

I put SLX brakes on my bike (running X 9) but had couldn’t get adapters to run x9 shifter on the slx brakes so now I have 2 clamps instead of 1. I

Have you seen this:

seems you can use Matchmaker clamps with Ispec-B (zee are Ispec - b).

Thanks for the link! Looks like shimano brakes and sram shifters, but not the whole reverb button (which makes up half of the hinged matchmaker). Im sure I can get the other halbes of clamps to separate my brake from it, will just leave it to the professional tomacropod

JP I think you want a MisMatch 2.0

read here:

And Rod, you can get MisMatch 1.0 for your SRAMANO combo. I have them on my tourer.

Sorry just reread your post. Why are you swapping Guides for Zees? eh?

so yeah you’ll need a clamp for your i-spec brakes and shifters and another for your reverb. No way around it.

if you ran guides, reverb and zee shifter you’d be sorted with the mismatch 2.0

yeah, had a read of that, but thats a sram brake with saint shifter there on the right. and then a Spec lever on sram too. You can do a sram shifter on shimano brake, but not hte reverb remote, as far as I can tell. All good though, i’m going to separate as far as possible, then shimano as far as possible. Stay tuned for group and stealth reverb sale!

edit, swapping guides for zee/saint/xt/something shimano because I love shimano and dislike sram. The guides work ok, but require a bit more fiddling and don’t have the pad clearance compared to any of the shimano that are in the shed.

Do you want to sell the guides? I might be after a set.

I’ll probably keep them in the shed after swapping as a spare set to chuck on if things break.

On the matchmismakers, local bike shop (monkey wrench) had both the full clamp replacement for the brake lever, and the little gap replacer for the remaining reverb button in stock… just walked in and walked out with em. Never under estimate those blokes.

Problem Solvers Mismatch 2.2


So many combos! But still nothing that would have helped. Reverb clamp is pretty much the whole clamp, SAM brake in that set up is just a glorified spacer.
Shimano brake with reverb button may never happen, but thats cool, its all separate now, and reverb on brake clamp is way too far inboard for my liking. Its now out by maybe 10mm and feels heaps better.