Mixed groupset- will it work

Sorry to post this on FIXED.org.au but im not going off to join any roady sites…

I have a partial shimano 6400 groupset. I have been searching for hubs, cassette and chain for a while but have had no luck and dont really care anymore if the groupset matches.

My question is - If I have 600 derailleurs and cranks can I use some other 8 speed cassette and chain? and/or are there other hubs I could put a 600 8 speed cassette on?

Pretty noobish question im sure but im not a roady…

Any help would be appreciated.

Sure, it’ll work man.
I run old an old Nervar chainset to a generic shimano 9 speed casette, with newish 105 shifters and a 90’s 600 derailleur at back and a hurret rival derailleur up front.

The derailleur and crankset won’t affect it.

You can use any chain suitable for 8 speed, and almost any Shimano or Sram 8 speed cassette with that setup.

And you can put a 600 8-speed cassette on almost any Shimano/Sram 8,9,10 speed hub (except Dura Ace models from 2004-7 with the aluminium freehub or early 8 speed Dura Ace with Uniglide splines).

What shifters will you be using? Indexed or friction?

Respect !! ^^

And what Sir Kev says - almost any recent Shimano cassette hubs will take an 8 speed Shimano splined cassette.

Cheers spizza!
I don’t care that nothing matches, they’re all fantastic, quality parts on a fantastic, quality frame.

thanks very much! makes my hunt a lot easier!

In that case - does anyone have an 8 speed wheel, cassette, chain settup they wanna sell me?

pm trigger, he mentioned something about something like that a week or 3 ago.

Shifters too

That’s a cool attitude to have :slight_smile:

I see too many peep’s get stuck trying to match everything, that’s also cool but often I try to use what I have on hand or only some components from a group rather than the whole ensemble. The whole groupset concept is also only relatively new and back in the day most manufacturers concentrated on the one thing they did best.

^ It’s a shame these days bike components are increasingly designed so they don’t allow interchangability. Especially as the tolerances are getting smaller and smaller. A classic recent example is Shimano’s move to Dynasys 10-speed MTB- why couldn’t they just make it all compatible with existing 10-speed road stuff?? Another stupid one is the Mavic wheel-tyre clincher ‘system’ which is only designed to work together… come on!

Is the interchangebility due to the fact the parts are Shimano…I found trying to match different Campag 8 speed parts together was difficult. The shifters did not want to work with the derailleurs at all